Luxury Outdoor Living Space Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Redefining your outdoor living space experience

Experience why your neighbors in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX trust Backyard Butler™ for blissful outdoor living 


Do you have an upcoming event and want your outdoor living space to look pristine? Do you want to maintain a visually appealing home but just do not have the time or energy to do it? Backyard Butler™ provides a fine-detail outdoor cleaning service for homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

When you hire us, you’ll feel as though you’re in a luxury-level resort every time you enter your outdoor space.  We deep clean, polish and detail every square inch.  You’ll be able to see, smell, and feel the difference and provide you with an exceptional cleaning experience that you deserve.

Check out our menu of outdoor cleaning services or outdoor cleaning packages. Click on one of the buttons to get in touch and tell us about your outdoor living space. We’ll come to your home and provide you with a free on quotation. Once contracted, Your Backyard Butler™ will schedule your job and provide you with a team of Butlers that are prompt and professional. We inspect each job before we leave and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Our detailing and estate services are offered at different intervals, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your needs: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one-time, move-in/out, and a-la-carte & estate services.

Life is to be enjoyed! Let Backyard Butler™ help you so you can enjoy your home without the extra work!


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Great experience from start to finish! Very responsive, personable, and thorough and the work is BEAUTIFUL! Our patio, furniture, grill, hood, sink, stones and more all look like brand new! Love this idea and this company!"

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Outdoor Living Space Cleaning Services

Backyard Butler™ will clean 'every square inch"™ of your outdoor living space. We clean with pride, passion and attention to detail unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Backyard Butler has set the high-bar standard for making your outdoor living space sparkle as good as the day you moved into your home. ​

Backyard Butler outdoor living space cleaning services:

  • Cleaning all furniture frames, top and underside to remove debris, spider webs, & insect nests
  • Scrub all furniture cushions & pillows, removing algae, mold and renewing discolored & stained cushions
  • Polish all furniture frames with our special protective coating polish
  • Clean all patio area flooring & pool deck to brighten the stone, coping & remove dirt and debris
  • Clean TVs & polish
  • Clean, polish & protective coat all stainless in outdoor kitchen
  • Sink & faucet cleaning
  • Refrigerator, cooler box & ice maker cleaning
  • BBQ Grill grate surface & exterior cleaning and polish
  • Counter-top cleaning & polish granite
  • Fan cleaning & polishing
  • Space heater & outdoor fixture cleaning & polishing
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Spider web, wasp and mud dauber nest removal
  • Clean outdoor speakers
  • Spider web, wasp & mud dauber nest removal
  • Clean outdoor speakers
  • Outdoor lighting cleaned & polished
  • Light switches, outlets & remotes cleaned
  • Outdoor rugs cleaned
  • All outdoor furnishings cleaned & polished
  • Window cleaning

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Amazing! All my outdoor furniture (5-10 years old) looks absolutely brand new again - cushions and metal chair frames and tables. I cannot believe the attention to detail - fans, cabinets, granite, fireplace, stainless grill covers, cement and flagstone floors! Unbelievable job!"

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Satisfaction Guarantee

The experts at Backyard Butler are committed to providing thorough outdoor living cleaning and estate services for our valued customers. In order to accomplish this goal, we adhere to strict standards that remain consistent across the board. Learn more about the steps we take to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

​Butlers are professionally trained.

Your Butler receives extensive training and 2 weeks of field training before becoming a certified Backyard Butler. They then have ongoing training after this.

Our managers inspect work for added quality assurance.

Your Butler's work is continually inspected to make sure it meets our standards. Before and after photographs are provided by your Butler after every service.

If at anytime you're not happy, let us know and a Butler will come back and take corrective action. Guaranteed!

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning & Refinishing

Backyard Butler™ will clean 'every square inch"™ of your outdoor furniture. We clean with pride, passion and attention to detail unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Backyard Butler™ has set the high-bar standard for making your outdoor furniture sparkle once again. ​We specialize in cushion cleaning, Ipe and Teak furniture refinishing.

Backyard Butler™ outdoor furniture cleaning services:

  • Cleaning all furniture frames, top and underside to remove debris, spiders, & insect nests
  • Scrub and spot removal of furniture cushions and pillows, removing algae, mold & renewing discolored and stained cushions
  • We clean cushion material following manufacture guidelines set by industry leader, Sunbrella
  • Polish all furniture frames with our special protective coating polish
  • Strip, sand and apply protective finish to Ipe & Teak furniture

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Backyard Butler, Jon, made my backyard cleaner and better than it was when it was brand new. My husband is impressed by the clean grill. We are excited about a beautiful Spring outside. 🌞💐😊"

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Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning & BBQ Grill Cleaning

Backyard Butler™ will clean 'every square inch"™ of your outdoor kitchen & BBQ grills. We clean with pride, passion and attention to detail unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Backyard Butler™ has set the high-bar standard for making your outdoor kitchen & BBQ Grill sparkle once again.

Backyard Butler™ outdoor kitchen & BBQ grill cleaning services:

  • Cleaning sinks & faucets to remove lime, calcium & rust, polish and protective coat
  • Refrigerator, cooler box and ice maker cleaning, remove mold from seals, polish and protective coat
  • BBQ Grill grate surface and exterior cleaning and polish
  • Counter-top cleaning and polish granite
  • Light switches, outlets and remotes cleaned
  • All kitch furnishings cleaned and polished

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We care about the environment, your health and our Butlers health. Therefore, it is our company policy to do our best to use cleaning products that carry the EPA Safer Choice or Ecologo certifications.

EPA Safer Choice

Companies who make products carrying the Safer Choice label have invested heavily in research and reformulation to ensure that their products meet the Safer Choice Standard. These companies are leaders in safer products and sustainability.

Products have to pass our stringent criteria in order to earn the Safer Choice label. The Safer Choice program reviews more than just product ingredients. We also look at product performance, pH, packaging and more to ensure that products with the label are safer for you and your family. Once a product meets the Safer Choice Standard, EPA conducts annual audits to ensure our standards continue to be met.

Before a product can carry the Safer Choice label, EPA reviews all chemical ingredients, regardless of their percentage in the product. Every ingredient must meet strict safety criteria for both human health and the environment, including carcinogenicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity, toxicity to aquatic life, and persistence in the environment. This means that Safer Choice-labeled products are safer for:

  • You, your family, and pets
  • Workers' health
  • Fish and the environment.


​The ECOLOGO program offers credible third-party certification of products and services to build and strengthen trust between buyers and suppliers, as well as customers and manufacturers. ECOLOGO Certified products are certified for reduced environmental impact from UL Environment. ECOLOGO Certifications indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing and exhaustive auditing to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party environmental performance standards.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"What an Awesome job!!!!! I cant thank Jon enough for his professional services & a spectacular cleaning job on my grill. It looks so good I don't even want to use it, but I have to, love to grill! Thank you Backyard Butler!!!"

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Fully Insured

Our company is fully bonded & insured, which means you can have peace of mind when you hire Backyard Butler. Helping our customers feel confident in our services is very important to us, which is why we're committed to taking every step necessary to make sure they feel good about choosing Backyard Butler.

In addition to the fact that we are thoroughly bonded & insured, there are many reasons why choosing Backyard Butler is a decision you can feel confident about.

We are a trusted brand.

Backyard Butler is on a growth trajectory with a goal of having 10 locations in the United States.

Our businesses are locally owned and operated.

Each office is run by people in your community. We only succeed as a local business by taking care of our customers and providing exceptional service.

We have excellent customer reviews.

Our clients trust us, and there's a reason for this. We're committed to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond!

All our employees are screened and highly trained Butlers.

Every single employee is thoroughly background checked, screened and highly trained for our customers' peace of mind.

We use a proven cleaning system, specialized to suit our clients' needs.

Every single employee is thoroughly background checked, screened and highly trained for our customers' peace of mind.

Pressure Washing & Exterior Home Cleaning

Backyard Butler™ will clean 'every square inch"™ of your homes exterior with our pressure washing and exterior home cleaning. We clean with pride, passion and attention to detail unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Backyard Butler™ has set the high-bar standard for making your homes exterior sparkle once again. We use the right amount of pressure when pressure washing your homes surfaces to limit any damage to grout, stone or coloring.

Backyard Butler™ pressure washing & exterior home cleaning services:

  • Removal of black mold, green algae, rust and dirt from surfaces using bio-degradable solutions
  • Pressure washing using maximum 3100psi residential grade pressure washers to prevent surface damage
  • Soft washing home exterior surfaces used on soft stone surfaces without the use of pressure washing
  • Removal of effervescence white powdery residue from stone surfaces
  • Professional cleaning of driveways, walkways, sidewalks, front patios, bar & kitchen areas, retaining walls, parameter walls
  • We are experts in cleaning leuders, Austin chopped limestone, flagstone, porcelin, travertine, brick, ipe, wood, PVC, Trex, Timber Tech, CorrectDeck, and Veranda

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"I used BB for my personal home and we refer all our Sorted Out clients to Backyard Butler. It's so nice to have a clean, organized outdoor kitchen and living room with their help! I am so grateful for their work!"

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Window Cleaning

Backyard Butler™ window cleaning service uses state of the art equipment to safely clean your windows, usually without the use of a ladder. Our multi-step window washing process gives you a crystal-clear spot free cleaning, inside and out.

We use a mild, non-toxic solution that is safe for the environment with excellent results.

We recommend an interior and exterior window cleaning at least every four months and additional exterior cleanings as needed.

Learn more here! 


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"I could not have been happier with the service provided by Jon and his team at Backyard Butler! They did an amazing job with cleaning our patio and artificial grass. Everything looked brand new when they were done, and was certainly well worth the price. They also got us scheduled very quickly, and the whole process was super easy and user friendly. We’ll definitely be using them in the future when we need our backyard area cleaned up again!"

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Artificial Turf Cleaning

Backyard Butler are artificial turf cleaning and maintenance experts working with the countries' largest turf and top Veterinarian cleaning product suppliers. Our proven cleaning process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning your turf:

  • Degrades and eliminate odors, bacteria and disease-causing organic matter
  • Controls toxic ammonia
  • Provides a healthy and safe environment for your children and pets
  • Increases the longevity of your turf
  • Improves the appearance of your yard
  • Is recommended by leading manufacturers of synthetic pet turf
  • Is Veterinarian recommended
  • Leaves it smelling pleasant
people enjoying their patio

Why Dallas-fort Worth Trusts Backyard Butler™

Backyard Butler™ is a specialized cleaning service for outdoor living spaces serving homeowners in and around Dallas-Fort Worth. We are the only outdoor detailing company that is full service.

We hold the highest standard for our service staff who are trained in etiquette and 'butler' services.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we're the only company that does outdoor cleaning with an indoor housekeeper mindset. You can see what your neighbors are saying on our verified reviews page — or see photos in our project showroom.

More than anything else, we want you to enjoy your outdoor living space and those precious moments... without ever having to even think about cleaning it yourself.

Ready to enjoy blissful outdoor living? Tap on one of the buttons below and get your free quote today: